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The year 2020 is clearly a milestone due to COVID-19. It is also, on a more personal level for our company, as we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. I would have appreciated being able to mark this anniversary with my great team, but the current situation forces us to postpone. Rather, the company has given itself a breath of fresh air: new logo, new website developed in the image of daring youth!

I remember my initial vision for the company, which I founded after much hesitation. In August 2010, the opening of Savaria Experts-Conseils took place with the idea of ​​forming a team of high-level experts. Going into business is quite an adventure! Business leaders have my utmost admiration. Ultimately, the results are very positive. I am proud to have achieved the goal of providing, through seasoned professionals and as passionate as myself, professional services focused on technical competence and a search for thoughtful solutions.

The team of professionals has grown over time and currently reflects the achievement of distinctive know-how. Projects such as studies of the consequences of a TransÉnergie pipeline spill as well as studies concerning a lawsuit for the diversion of a watercourse towards a property testify to the quality of the team. As part of the first project, the report produced for the Montreal Metropolitan Community was made public and was the most “tweeted” in 2017. The second project, after two weeks of hearing, provided us with great credibility as expert witnesses in the environment. My bet was won, but not without difficulty. There were difficulties and great difficulties! Learning a business for a female engineer is no easy task. Bad shots are part of reality: unethical business partners, difficult employees, bad paying customers, etc. Again, the team was behind me, and for some almost the start of the adventure. In addition to the team, I was able to count on the comfort of my family, especially my mother. As I often say: Failure is not an option, and as my former boss used to say “if it was easy, everyone would do it”.

Throughout this journey, I have had the support of our dear business partners and our suppliers. I want to highlight in particular the beneficial contribution of our accountant, an outstanding advisor. The future, I see it even better. The succession takes its place quickly. This young and talented succession will take the company to another level.

During these 10 years, the company has gained the loyalty of its customers, some of whom have worked with me for more than 20 years. I have seen some of these clients move into retirement and into the second generation, from father to son. I have had the chance to meet new clients who are also exceptional people. Our customers are at the center of our business. Our commitment to them is genuine, professional and imbued with humanism. Also, I renew this commitment on behalf of the entire team. I end by thanking our clients from the bottom of my heart for their trust and support over the years.

Chantal Savaria, ing, EESA,VEA

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