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Savaria Experts-Conseils actively participates in research and development projects. Our professionals take an innovative approach to tackling environmental challenges head on by building partnerships with clients, universities, and outside experts. The solutions we offer are more than just groundbreaking, they’re also designed to meet our clients’ budget and technical needs!

Innovation is a key corporate value that drives everything we do. In terms of research and development, we specialize in soil bioengineering, recovery of contaminated soils and residual materials, on-site soil treatment, and rainwater management. Our efforts have led us to take part in some very compelling projects:

  • Demo project: Eco-friendly parking lot project with pervious concrete and a green space with planted cells. The green parking lot project demonstrated that this structure is able to collect 100% of rainwater so none of it ends up in the municipal network. The project was conducted over three years in cooperation with the municipality, the Green Municipal Fund, and Lafarge Canada. Lafarge Canada helped push through changes to municipal regulations to authorize eco-friendly parking lots.
  • Demo project: Passive on-site soil treatment method for decontaminating soil. This project was made possible thanks to the participation of the owner of this site contaminated by benzene. Savaria Experts-Conseils has received funding from MELCC’s InnovEnSol program for this three-year project that started in September 2020 and will end in 2023. The goal of this project is to demonstrate a method for decontaminating soil in a residential setting. Without the help of Savaria Experts-Conseils, the client would not have been able to go through with the decontamination, because conventional methods would have cost more than the value of the property. This project will serve as a precedent for other similar cases.
  • Research and development for using plants to neutralize odours at an industrial site. Savaria Experts-Conseils carried out a soil bioengineering project to reduce odours on a client’s land. Our extensive R&D made it possible to design and build an embankment covered in a specific assortment of plants. The winter weather made configuring the embankment and selecting the plants that much more of a challenge. The project was also the subject of a graduation essay by a student from Université de Sherbrooke’s Centre universitaire de formation en environnement.

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