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“You can’t decontaminate what you don’t understand.”

Environmental site assessments (phase I and II) and environmental characterization studies (phase I, II, and III)

  • Multiple phases of environmental site assessments for real estate or financial transactions involving the acquisition of property or business assets.
  • Multiple phases of environmental characterization studies of sites under the Environmental Quality Act.
  • Identification of any on-site contamination, evaluation of the extent of contamination, site rehabilitation cost estimates, recommendations on suitable rehabilitation methods.
  • Site characterization programs and studies.
  • Identification of natural levels to create a database or an optimal soil management method for construction projects.
  • Attestations of environmental studies by an expert registered with MELCC (Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques) to certify study reports, summaries, and contamination/decontamination notices.

One of the main objectives of a contaminated site study is to accurately pinpoint the problem in the field. It is a crucial step in the rehabilitation process. The relevant data collected in the study makes it possible to reliably estimate the amount of contaminated soil, identify the source of contamination, and determine who or what is responsible for it.

Savaria Experts-Conseils gives you answers to your questions so you can make the right decisions on purchasing, financing, or potentially decontaminating a site. Having a good understanding of a site’s environmental status also facilitates the application process with MELCC, should the need arise.

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