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Striking a balance between helping clients complete their projects and protecting nature through sustainable development.

  • Applications for MELCC, municipal, or RCM authorizations and permits.
  • Ecological shoreline restoration using soil bioengineering techniques.
  • Erosion control on steep slopes with support and anchoring
  • Stabilization studies.
  • Sustainable management plans and specifications.
  • Restoration of riparian zones and wetlands.

Want to backfill a wetland to expand your operations or open a new location? You’re not alone. Developments in wetlands and riparian zones or on the water require authorizations and permits from MELCC, the municipality, or the RCM. Our team has the expertise to prepare the technical documents you need to bring your project to life, provided it meets certain acceptability criteria. Savaria Experts-Conseils has helped clients with a wide range of projects, from backfilling a site for construction of a plant to installing a culvert for an access road and cleaning and decontaminating a watercourse and riparian zones after an oil spill.

This expertise is an extension of our skills in hydrology and engineering. After noticing that most engineering consulting firms specify riprap to control erosion along watercourses, our team thought it was time to rethink this practice. We developed a unique approach that controls erosion by restoring plant cover—an approach that some of our municipal and private clients have come to embrace. Unlike other firms, we also specify ornamental and less invasive plants. Over time, more and more of our clients have seen the merits of our approach and have enlisted us for some very interesting projects.

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