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Savaria Experts-Conseils is a group of experts committed to putting science to work for you.

Thanks to our rigorous approach and in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs, we provide effective solutions attuned to environmental issues, emerging technologies, client budgets, legal requirements, and society’s expectations.

Chantal Savaria, ing. en géologie, EESA, VEA


Chantal Savaria is the founding president and CEO of Savaria Experts-Conseils. She has a degree in geological engineering from Polytechnique Montréal and over 30 years of experience in environmental consulting. She holds various certifications, including the title of certified environmental site assessor (CESA) and certified environmental auditor (CEA) from the Quebec Association of Environmental Auditing (AQVE), and is on MELCC’s list of experts in this field. Ms. Savaria boasts high-level expertise in environmental site assessments, project management, and general engineering. Her skills and experience have led her to serve as an expert witness in environmental litigation cases, specifically involving contaminated sites, surface water management, and contaminant hydrogeology.

Whatever your environmental project, no matter how simple or complex, Ms. Savaria can help you find alternative, advantageous solutions to bring it to fruition.

Myriam de Grandpré-Ruel, ing. en géologie, VEA jr

Project manager

Myriam earned a bachelor’s of geological engineering with a focus on the environment in 2013 from Polytechnique Montréal. She has been a member of the Quebec order of engineers (Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec) since 2016. She also completed a graduate certificate in environmental auditing and assessment from Université de Sherbrooke.

Since the beginning of her career, Myriam has taken part in over 100 environmental site assessments (phases I and II), some on century-old former industrial sites, including the former Molson brewery in Montreal. In addition, she has solid experience in project management, environmental permit applications, and environmental audits.

Catherine has a graduate degree in accounting science (DESS-CPA) from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. She is currently working toward becoming a CPA and earning an MBA in 2021.

Catherine manages the financial side of the business and has been with Savaria Experts-Conseils for five years. To get a better understanding of the firm’s area of expertise, Catherine took a specialized course in phase I, II, and III environmental site assessments.

Sophie Provost

Technician - Designer

Sophie has a degree in 3D design and helps design plans and figures for our team. She is known for her resourcefulness, meticulousness, and peerless talent. Sophie takes part in all projects requiring plans and figures. She draws on her extensive technical skill to calculate volumes for various purposes, including assessing the life span of landfills and estimating quantities of contaminated soil.

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