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Our professionals can help you identify the best strategic approach for decontaminating your site.

  • Prepare a rehabilitation plan for the contaminated site
  • Manage contaminated soil and groundwater, prepare plans and specifications, monitor decontamination work
  • Design, monitor, and control on-site soil and groundwater treatment systems
  • Produce certified rehabilitation work reports for MELCC

Rehabilitating a contaminated site increases its value. Different factors need to be considered: the location, duration, and depth of contamination; the facilities present; and the desired level of decontamination. After conducting a complete analysis of the situation, Savaria Experts-Conseils will present the best solution technically and financially. Should the decontamination work cost more than the value of the property, we can suggest other solutions.

With a view to sustainable development, we specify on-site soil and groundwater treatment and soil reuse techniques wherever possible. Our clients have completed on-site treatment projects, such as groundwater pumping and treatment, multiphase extraction, chemical stabilization, bioslurping, interception trenches, and injection of products into the soil and groundwater.

Where possible, we specify that contaminated soils and residual materials be recovered and reclaimed for use as building materials. No matter what your situation, we’ll develop a strategic approach to meet your needs.

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