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  • Preparation of technical documents (plans, specifications, input/output analyses, etc.) and administrative documents.
  • Submitting applications for MELCC authorization to operate a plant, treatment system (wastewater, drinking water, process water, contaminated soil), waste sorting centre, or landfill or to modify wetlands, reuse waste materials, etc.
  • Submitting applications for permits from municipalities or RCMs to do backfilling, stabilize riparian zones, or manage watercourses or for other environmental permits.
  • Submitting applications to CPTAQ to use land for non-agricultural purposes, validate acquired rights, and request permit follow-up documentation.

We are well-versed in all aspects of preparing and following up on key permit applications with MELCC, municipalities, RCMs, and CPTAQ, especially for industrial projects. Our proactive approach allows us to make sure all planned facilities, processes, and systems will meet regulatory requirements.

The knowledge and experience of our team makes it easier for our clients to secure the authorizations and permits they need. In addition, we work with businesses to establish the best mitigation measures to reduce or prevent environmental impacts at the project site.

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