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Technical and legal environmental expertise

Our professionals have the expertise to assist you in environmental litigation.

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Assessment of contaminated sites

“You can’t decontaminate what you don’t understand.”

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Rehabilitation of contaminated sites

Our professionals can help you identify the best strategic approach for decontaminating your site.

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Environmental site monitoring

Supporting our clients and ensuring environmental compliance.

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Hydrogeological and hydrological studies

We are known for our technical expertise in the field of contaminant hydrogeology.

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Applications for authorization and permits from government and municipal bodies

Assistance getting authorizations and permits for your projects.

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Compliance with environmental regulations and management systems

Perform environmental audits for our clients to ensure regulatory compliance, exercise due diligence and continuous improvement.

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Shoreline stabilization and restoration of riparian zones and wetlands

Striking a balance between helping clients complete their projects and protecting nature through sustainable development.

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Quantification of atmospheric emissions

Atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are issues that increasingly challenge... Savaria Experts-Conseils can support you in this process.

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Research, development and innovation

Our professionals like to do things differently!

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Working today for a better tomorrow!

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