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Our professionals have the expertise to assist you in
environmental litigation.

  • Real estate transaction and financing – contaminated sites
  • Inspection et avis professionnel
  • Rédaction de rapports technico-légaux
  • Comparution devant les tribunaux à titre de témoin expert

Our team of professionals can lend a hand in a wide range of legal environmental disputes, from contamination of your property by a neighbour to contaminants that migrate from your property a neighbour’s, flooding caused by third-party drainage work, discovery of contaminating substances on your property (hidden defects), deficient studies, and more. Savaria Experts-Conseils will review your case and give you the advice you need, whether you are involved in a sale or financing transaction or a situation causing damage or interfering with your projects.

We have successfully resolved disputes out of court and won many important cases through our careful analysis of the documentation (plans, reports, specifications, notices, etc.).

Counter-expertise is our specialty. Our approach is to build a credible defence using arguments backed by irrefutable scientific data. Here are some client testimonials.

“Savaria Experts-Conseils did a fantastic job on our case. Their experts uncovered a diverted watercourse—an important detail that no one had identified prior to their analysis. Their testimony in court allowed us to challenge the opinion of three major engineering consulting firms. We were so fortunate to have Savaria Experts-Conseils in our corner in this David and Goliath story. The happy ending is that rehabilitation work will now be carried out on our property to prevent flooding.” Claudette Miron for the Miron Estate

“The counter-expertise report Savaria Experts-Conseils prepared in the case of a contaminated industrial property with multiple tenants was the best technical legal report I’ve ever read.”

“When the opposing party found out that Savaria Experts-Conseils would be weighing in, they settled on the spot. Case closed!”

“Savaria Experts-Conseils surprised us by drawing up a hydrogeological expertise report (including numerous core samples) for our case in less than five days—just in time for us to file it in court.

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